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Science is honing in on better ways to treat chronic pain. Read about it in this AARP series.

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Facebook log in screen

Facebook Reaches a Settlement in Age Discrimination Lawsuits

Company agrees to stop letting employers target ads to younger candidates


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Get Your Résumé Ready For Your Job Search

Try AARP's new Resume Advisor

Daymond John

Advice for Starting Your Own Business From Daymond John

Insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur

Age Discrimination

A robot hand looking over images of job applicants

Can Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Age Bias?

Companies are starting to use technology to address discrimination in hiring

A statue stands in front of a gavel

Key Part of Age Bias Law Doesn’t Protect Job Applicants

The ruling overturns a decision last year that safeguarded the rights of older workers

Older office manager sitting in the office and gathering his belongings while holding the box and expressing despair

New Study Finds Many Older Workers Forced Out of Jobs

Layoffs and involuntary termination mean unexpected retirement has increased significantly

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Employer Pledge Program

Employers Looking for You

National effort to help employers solve their current and future staffing challenges and direct job seekers to employers who value and are hiring experienced workers


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