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12 Great Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

  • Travel Shoe Bags With Shoes, Gifts For Travelers
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    Shoe Bags

    If the traveler in your life is fond of snazzy shoes, give her (or him) a shoe bag with a drawstring or zipper closure. These also come in handy for stowing street shoes in an overhead compartment after slipping into travel socks or slippers. For true footwear fanciers, consider a zip-up case that holds four pairs of men’s shoes or eight pairs of women’s.

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  • An Open Book On The Beach, Gifts For Travelers
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    A gripping work of fiction or nonfiction, set wherever your traveler is headed, can furnish unique insights about a destination. There’s Bill Bryson’s riotous In a Sunburned Country, about Australia, or Bruce Barcott’s intriguing The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw, set in Belize. For more suggestions, search online (“Books set in ...”) or check Recommended Reading in guidebooks.

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  • Cocktail Travel Kit, Gifts For Travelers
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    Beverage Boosters

    A carry-on cocktail kit elevates drinks in economy class, where a lime wedge can be harder to find than lost luggage. Each two-drink kit comes with a recipe card, bar spoon, linen coaster and enough top-quality ingredients (aromatic bitters, ginger syrup) to build a pair of libations using liquor purchased on board. It won’t upgrade your traveler to first class, but it will make sitting in steerage go down easy.

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  • Asian Man Sits On Plane With Cocktail And Headphones On, Gifts For Travelers
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    Road warriors will appreciate a gift that silences noisy spots — aircraft cabins, say — while delivering good audio. Noise-canceling headphones emit inverse sound waves to neutralize ambient noise, especially the low-frequency roar of aircraft engines. Noise-blockingheadphones, by contrast, physically obstruct surrounding sounds, so they often work better on high-frequency noise (cue unhappy babies). Both types vary widely in price and effectiveness, making prepurchase research a must.

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  • Blue And White Travel Socks, Gifts For Travelers
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    Cabin Slippers

    Travel slippers — including foldable/washable neoprene models — mean toasty toes for travelers who like to shed their shoes as soon as they board. Mukluk-style sock slippers are less compact, but they combine warmth and protection with knit uppers and a leather sole. And don’t discount that home-away-from-home feeling: On-board footwear always feels divine back at the hotel after a long day of sightseeing.

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  • Young Caucasian Woman Looks At Her Phone With A Charger Attached While Hiking, Gifts For Travelers
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    Device Charger

    Your friend or family member will never run out of juice with this gadget, variously known as a power bank, an external charger or an external battery pack. Weighing just a few ounces and no bigger than a lipstick tube, it can keep a phone or tablet running until the traveler reaches the next power source. No more photo opps lost to those infuriating Low Battery warnings!

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  • Woman Photographer Takes Man's Photo Outdoors, Gifts For Travelers
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    Pro Photo Shoot

    Goodbye, selfies? Online outfits such as Trip Shooter, Flytographer and Shoot My Travel make it a snap to give your favorite travelers the gift of a session with a professional photographer at their vacation destination. Prices start around $250 for 30 minutes, but for milestone trips such as a major anniversary, the captured memories will justify the splurge.

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  • A Pile Of Lime Green Tea Light Candles, Gifts For Travelers
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    Travel Candles

    There’s no bigger vacation buzzkill than a hotel room that reeks of cleaning products, cheap deodorizers or tobacco smoke. Small travel candles fight these olfactory offenses, making unfamiliar lodgings feel homier. Scents range from coconut to rose to whatever-you-can-imagine; some target tobacco odors specifically. Though many tealight candles come in tiny glass pots, those in tins are easier to pack.

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  • Hispanic Woman Pours Coffee For African American Man At Campsite, Gifts For Travelers
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    Travel Coffee Kit

    Don’t head to Java without good java: For the coffee-crazy traveler, the gift of a travel coffee kit is a godsend. You can choose from gear that brews by any method: drip, pump or press. (All kits require only properly hot water and ground coffee.) Popular components include filters, mugs, an insulated thermos, a burr grinder, an airtight container (and even the high-quality beans to go in it) and a storage bag for the entire assembly.

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  • Various Travel Journals With Entries, Gifts For Travelers

    Travel Journal

    Even if your favorite rolling stone is no Kerouac, a compact notebook is a thoughtful way to help him capture life on the road. Entries can be as spare as a list of sights seen or dishes eaten, but the real fun starts with a little old-school multimedia: Encourage your traveler to embellish the pages with small sketches, dried flowers or ticket stubs.

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  • Maps And Atlas, Gifts For Travelers
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    World Atlas

    Modern voyagers often seem programmed by their GPS devices, so imagine how freeing it feels to plop down on your living-room sofa and leaf through an actual book filled with large, lovely maps. For an even more interactive gift, clever scratch-off world maps and cork globes with red push pins (both are sold online) allow a traveler to catalogue the roads taken — or dream of those to come.

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  • GD44KF
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    Insect Repellent Jacket

    With the rise of Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses such as West Nile, travelers need to avoid bites in bug-prone zones. To protect yourself, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that you cover exposed skin and wear clothing treated with the odorless insecticide permethrin. Feather-light jackets from ExOfficio, in men’s and women’s models, furnish both types of defense and still look stylish. (They also roll up into their own pockets, making them a snap to pack.)

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  • Asian Man Sits On Plane With Cocktail And Headphones On, Gifts For Travelers
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