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Top DIY Travel Hacks

Colorful Straws Pile, Top DIY Travel Hacks


Creative travel hacks to help you streamline your luggage.

En español | When people pack, they tend to overdo it, just in case the weather changes or, say, they get invited to a fancy party. But planning for every imaginable scenario often means you'll overstuff your bag or check in extra luggage at the airport. Thankfully, HuffPost perused Pinterest to come up with the best DIY travel hacks possible. Here are just a few of them. If nothing else, they will help you streamline your luggage mass. And that means more room for souvenirs!

1. Downsize makeup and lotions by putting them into leftover contact lens cases.

These spill-proof tiny compartments are also good for storing mouthwash, earplugs, rings and earrings, and most anything else you normally carry in a bulky bottle. We have to admit, we may never throw another old contact case away again! This is a perfect solution for anyone going away for only a few dayswho doesn’t want to cart a bunch of makeup containers.

2. Fill drinking straws with travel-size amounts of skin-care products.

We admit, we’ve never tried this before, but it seems pretty simple. Just fill a straw with whatever you want and use a Q-tip to push it in. Make sure there’s a bit of straw left on both ends to seal off with a heat sealer. And don’t forget to write the name of the product on tape or on a tag so that you remember what’s inside. Beats lugging around a bunch of bottles, right?

3. Use old sunglasses cases to store cords, chargers and headphones.

Cases can also be repurposed to carry jewelry and even manicure kits. And headphones and chargers can be transported in pencil cases and Altoids tins. With their movement restricted, cords are less likely to get tangled, and you won't have to contend with a messy bunch in the bottom of your purse.

4. Turn pot holders into heat-safe cases for your hair tools.

Pot holders and oven mitts not only protect your hands from the heat of an oven, but they also can be good for storing hair straighteners and flat irons. Adaptable for all sorts of heated products, these kitchen staples are great for keeping a hot or warm hair straightener away from the clothes and other items in your luggage.

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