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9 In-Flight Airline Freebies

  • Couple Smiles At Flight Attendant, Airline Freebies

    Flying coach?

    All-inclusive travel is a thing of the past. These days you'll need your credit card handy to pay for everything from movies to Wi-Fi to a mid-flight snack. But there still are a few things you can get for free on a flight — you just have to know to ask for them.

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  • Flight Attendant Hands Passenger Alcoholic Drink, Airline Freebies
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    Mai Tais and Bubbly

    Free booze on a plane? Yes, it still exists. Alaska Airlines offers all travelers over 21 flying to Hawaii a free in-flight mai tai. Air France offers a free glass of — what else? — Champagne on its long-haul international flights. (Air France flight attendants pour over a million bottles of Champagne every year.)

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  • Pilots In The Cockpit Of An Airplane, Airline Freebies

    A Tour of the Flight Deck

    In this age of tight security, it would seem the flight deck would be strictly off-limits. Not so. As you board the plane, ask the flight attendants if you can take a peek or ask the pilot a question. Pilots usually enjoy talking about the aircraft — and the crew knows that even a brief chat can help put fearful fliers at ease.

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  • Airline Pilot Clips His Pilot Wings To Boy's Shirt, Airline Freebies
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    Wings for the Kids

    Remember the pilot wings you got the first time you flew? A few airlines, including Delta, still hand them out upon request. If you’re traveling with grandkids, make sure to ask the flight attendant as you board if they have any. Some other airlines will give you log books or coloring books if you ask.

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  • Female Flight Attendant Walks Down Aisle In Plane, Airline Freebies
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    Travel Advice

    The best travel experts on the destination you’re headed for are likely walking the aisles on your flight. Flight attendants love giving advice, and they know all the best places to eat in the airport as well as the best things to do and see in different cities. So strike up a conversation.

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  • Close Up Of A Passenger On Flight With His Hands In The Air In Disgust, Airline Freebies
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    Germ-Fighting Wipes

    What’s one thing you've always been able to get for free on a flight? A cold. With sniffling seatmates and recycled air, you may be fighting a losing battle with germs. But sanitary wipes can at least help by ensuring that your tray table and armrests are clean. If you didn’t bring any from home, ask the flight attendant for one. Wipes often are stocked onboard in case the water goes out in the lavatory.

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  • Biscoff Cookies Which Are Offered As An In Flight Snack, Airline Freebies

    Decent Munchies

    Gone are the days of linens and crystal in coach, but there are still a few airlines that haven’t given up on free tasty treats. Delta continues to offer its signature Belgium-made Biscoff cookies; Jet Blue’s signature snacks are Terra Blues potato chips and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

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  • Close Up Of A Band Aid, Airline Freebies

    First Aid Supplies

    Got a blister after that marathon march through the terminal? Ask a flight attendant for a bandage. All airlines are required to have first aid kits onboard, although even OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen can be administered only by an onboard doctor.

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  • Passenger Reads Magazine In Airplane At Night, Airline Freebies
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    Reading Material

    The sky’s definitely not the limit when it comes to recycling. Passengers often hand over newspapers and magazines when they’re done reading, and flight attendants are happy to distribute them.

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  • Flight Attendant Hands Soda To Passenger, Airline Freebies

    Extra Soda

    A small plastic cup chock-full of ice with a splash of soda isn’t exactly a thirst-quencher. Don’t be bashful — ask the flight attendant if you can have the whole can. Most flight attendants are more than happy to hand it over.

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  • Couple Smiles At Flight Attendant, Airline Freebies
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