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Improving Mobile Device Privacy Disclosures

There is increasing concern about the amount of personal information that mobile device users may be revealing without their knowledge. Studies show that older consumers are one of the fastest-growing groups of mobile device users, and they express high levels of concern about the privacy of their information. For that reason, legislators, regulators, and consumer advocates are seeking to increase the transparency of mobile data collection and sharing. Improving Mobile Device Privacy Disclosures by PPI’s Neal Walters discusses these issues and provides recommendations to help improve consumer privacy protections for mobile device users.

Key findings:

  • 91 percent of adult Americans own a cell phone, 56 percent own a smartphone, and 34 percent own a tablet.
  • A recent survey found that almost 60 percent of respondents ages 50 and older did not install an app because of privacy concerns.
  • The complex mobile ecosystem makes it difficult for consumers to understand who has access to their data, what use is made of those data, and what rights they may have to limit such use.
  • Providing greater transparency for mobile device privacy is a key part of protecting the privacy of consumers who use mobile devices.  

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