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Internet Use Among Midlife and Older Adults: An AARP Bulletin Poll

Computer and Internet use continue to be in the domain of the young and affluent, with respondents between the ages of 50 and 64 and those with annual household incomes in excess of $25,000 more likely than their older, less affluent counterparts to report using a computer anywhere, to be more likely to use the Internet for any reason they were asked about, and to access and use the Internet on at least a daily basis. 

Notably, older respondents—those ages 65 and older—are much more likely to say they do not currently use a computer or the Internet and, among non-users, are much more likely to say they have no interest in doing so in the future.  The less affluent respondents, however, are just beginning to use the Internet, which suggests that access and price may no longer be impediments for them.

This telephone survey of 1,013 adults ages 50 and older was conducted for AARP by ICR of Media, PA, from October 23 to November 3, 2009.  For more information about this research, please contact Teresa A. Keenan, Ph.D., at 202-434-6274. (19 pages)