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Tag Facebook Photos

1.   No matter where you find photos of you or one of your friends on Facebook, you’ll be able to tag them. Tagging is the Facebook phrase for adding the names of friends to photo information. Tagging a friend makes his or her name appear when someone puts a mouse pointer over the tagged friend’s image. Tagging also links the photo to the appropriate profile. Whenever friends are tagged in a photo, that photo appears on their individual walls and becomes a permanent part of their Photos areas.

2.   When you see a photo of you or one of your friends on Facebook, click it and you arrive at the Photos page. If no one has been tagged in the picture, no linkable names will appear below it.

3.   At the lower right, below the photo, click the Tag This Photo link.

4.   Move your cursor, and click it on the face of one of your friends. A box will come up, framing the face; so will a list of your friends, so you can select a name to put in the tag.

5.   Start typing in your friend’s name (or your name if the photo is of you), and Facebook narrows the selection as you type. (You can also use the scroll bar next to the names to find the right one.)

6.   When you’ve found the person in the photo, click to put a check in the box next to his or her name; then click Tag. Bingo! The name of the person you tagged is now at the bottom of the photo and the photo has been posted to your tagged friend’s Profile page.

7.   If you have more than one friend in the picture, repeat Steps 1-5 given here until you’ve tagged everyone. When you’ve tagged all the friends in the picture, click the Done Tagging button above the picture.

8.   As people view the photo, they’ll see the tagged names at the bottom. If they move their mouse pointers over the picture, the person’s name pops up.

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