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FollowFriday, FF and Other Twitter Hashtags

1.   When you’ve been on Twitter long enough, you’ll see tweets from people with hashtags (#) preceding them. The hashtag may be followed by strange abbreviations, severalwordsthatruntogether (say what?) or single topics. Hashtags help to spread and organize information on Twitter.

2.   Here’s a list of some Twitter hash tags and what they refer to. After you look at the list, you’ll get the drift. You can find more, along with their activity and the top members at What the Hashtag? a user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter. After that, I give you some conventions to follow when creating your own hashtags.

  • #sxsw   A popular conference, South By Southwest, is too long to tweet since tweets are limited to 140 characters. People at the conference include #sxsw in their tweets to show where they are and what they’re doing there.
  • #CES   Consumer Electronics Show. Again, too long to tweet. Let your friends know you’re talking about it by using #CES
  • #musicmonday   On Mondays, Twitter users like to tweet their favorite songs. It’s like sitting around a record player (remember?) with your friends. Tweets have a link to a playable version of the song.
  • #FF or #FollowFriday   Do you have someone you really like to follow? Someone who often puts up interesting tweets? Recommend that person to your followers by tweeting his or her ID, followed by the hash tag.
  • #earthquake  When someone feels the ground shake, they usually just tweet #EARTHQUAKE because they’re too freaked to say anything else. People follow up with information on damage, provide brief news reports, and append their tweets with this hash tag.
  • #tcot  Top Conservatives on Twitter. This hashtag is used by a very vocal and interesting group. If you tweet something with a politically conservative slant, add this hashtag to your tweet. You’re bound to get more like-minded followers.
  • #p2  The #p2 hashtag stands for Progressives 2.0. Their official mission statement says “a resource for progressives using social media who prioritize diversity and empowerment, the ‘progressive batchannel’ and an umbrella tag for information for progressives on Twitter.”
  • #tlot  Top Libertarians on Twitter. What more can I say?
  • #custserv  A hashtag for the Customer Service chat. People participate in chats on Twitter at prescribed times each week. When they take part in the chat, they follow each tweet with the #custserv tag.

3.   There are many weekly chats on Twitter, and you might find one you’d like to take part in. You may use Twitter search to find a chat you might want to join. Here are a few examples of chats:

  • #gardenchat  All things gardening.
  • #dogtalk  Pictures of dogs, dog tips, and dog news.
  • #petchat  For the rest of the animal world.
  • #blogchat  Stating a blog? Run by blog expert @MackCollier, this chat is full of tips and ideas.
  • #journchat  People in public relations, journalism, and related fields meet to talk.
  • #carchat  Love your car? There’s a group for you too!
  • #americanidol  Watching American Idol on TV by yourself? Want to make a comment and possibly get an answer? Incorporate the TV show name with a hash mark in front and look for others.
  • #sexonaplate  Hashtag used by @FoodPhilosophy (Jennifer Iannolo, CEO of the Culinary Media Network) when she tweets about an exotic plate of food.
  • #jobs  Looking for a job? Search for tweets with this hashtag.
  • #quote  When you post a quote as a tweet, follow it with the #quote hashtag for quote-lovers to find.

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