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Find People to Follow on Twitter

At this point, I need to explain the workings of Twitter. For the whole experience to work, you need to find people to follow. These would be people you might want to hear from; your Twitter friends, your online community. You can follow or unfollow anyone at any time. When you follow someone

  • Each time that person posts a comment (tweet), you will see it on your Twitter home page.
  • The folks you follow may follow you back, and if they do, they’ll see your comments on their pages.
  • You can send a Direct Message (or DM) to someone you’re following. A DM is like a text message that you send on your cellphone. It’s a private message between you and the recipient. It does not appear in the public stream of tweets. In the “Set Up Notices” section later in this chapter, I show you how you can have these message sent directly to your cellphone if you desire. That way you can respond to a DM without having to go back to your computer.

1.   To begin finding people to follow, click the Who to Follow link at the top of the page after logging in. Suggested Twitter users (or sources) will be listed on the page that follows. Be sure to scroll down the page so you see the full list.

2.   If you see someone and think that you might be interested in hearing what that person has to say, follow him or her by clicking the Follow button to the right of the name.

3.   Repeat Steps 1 and 2 (click another category and scroll though the names) to find more people to follow.

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