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Adjust Your Twitter Account Settings

1.   Click the Settings link on the top right side of your Twitter home page. The information that you input when you signed up is filled in on this page. Scroll down so that you can add some additional important data.

2.   Choose a language. English is filled in as the default (and I assume you speak English since you’re reading this article). If you’d prefer a different language, click the down arrow on the Language text box and select another language from the drop-down menu.

3.   Check for your correct time zone. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) will be filled in. If you don’t live in the United Kingdom (where Greenwich is, the last I looked), I suggest that you click the down arrow and select the time zone where you live from the drop-down menu.

4.   Click the Add a Location to Your Tweets check box (a check mark appears in the box) and (not surprisingly) you add the location you’re tweeting from to your tweets. This is an optional setting, and you don’t have to check this. By not revealing your exact location, you can maintain a semblance of privacy. (I usually don’t put a check by this setting; I prefer not to reveal my exact location.)

5.   If you click to check the Protect My Tweets check box, your tweets will not appear in the public Twitter timeline. Checking this option kind of defeats the purpose of Twitter; you’re on the site to be part of the giant conversation.

6.   After you fill out the balance of your account information, click Save. You’ll have to retype your password to save your account settings.

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