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Using Tabs in Browsers

This method can simplify your Internet experience

Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Safari offer a feature called tabbed browsing. In addition to opening multiple home pages on tabs, you can open new tabs as you browse the Web. You can then click tabs to jump to other sites that you've displayed on those tabs without having to navigate backwards or forwards in a single window to sites you've previously visited.

Here's how to use tabbed browsing for maximum efficiency in IE:

  1. Click the New Tab button to open a new, blank tab. The new tab now appears above the body of the tab area to the right of any other open tabs.
  2. Type an address in the Address bar and press Enter; the site appears in your newly displayed tab.
  3. Click another tab to jump to another site and keep the first site displayed in your browser.
  4. Click the New Tab button again to add another tab for browsing.
  5. Click the Close button (the X on the right side of the tab) on any active tab to close it.

Graphic by Paul Moser

You can open multiple pages with tabs.

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