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Tips on Using Spam Filters

How to keep junk mail out of your inbox

Spam filters identify spam and keep it out of your inbox. Most email programs have built-in filters that route spam to a junk folder or immediately delete it.

  1. To make these settings in Windows Live Hotmail, click the Options button in the upper right corner and select More Options.
  2. On the resulting Hotmail Options page, click the Filters and Reporting link in the Junk Email section.
  3. On the Filters and Reporting page that appears, adjust any of the following settings:

    Choose a Junk Email Filter: This is where you select your filter level. The trick here is to find a level that won't send email from legitimate sources that aren't already contacts into the junk mail folder, while keeping your inbox relatively spam free.

    Delete Junk Email: Here you choose when to delete junk mail. You can choose to just let Windows Live Hotmail delete junk email immediately or place it in the junk folder and delete it after 10 days. (We recommend the latter setting so you have a chance to look for legitimate emails that were accidentally routed into the junk folder.)

    Report Junk Messages: These settings let you choose whether to report spam. If you select the setting to report junk, clicking the Junk button will both delete and report spam; if you choose not to employ this setting, clicking the Junk button simply deletes the message. By reporting spam, you can help your email provider more accurately track and reduce spam for everyone.

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