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Change Privacy Settings in Internet Explorer

How you can monitor your browsing experience

Your browser should help you monitor your browsing experience, but you have to make certain settings to get the level of monitoring you prefer. For example, in Internet Explorer (IE), you can choose Tools@@-->Internet Options to set security and privacy preferences.

  1. With IE open, choose Tools@@-->Internet Options and click the Privacy tab.
  2. Click the slider and drag it up or down to adjust your browser to different levels of security settings.
  3. Read the choices and select a setting that suits you.
  4. Click OK to save your settings.

The default Privacy setting — Medium — is probably a good bet for most people. To restore the default setting, open the Internet Options dialog box (choose Tools@@-->Internet Options), click the Privacy tab and either click the Default button or move the slider back to Medium.

Browser settings provide a small measure of content filtering. To comprehensively filter content so you don't see unwanted materials or sites, you may want to buy filtering software. This helps you set boundaries for the types of sites, text and images you and your family are exposed to.

Graphic by Paul Moser

Here are the steps to change your privacy settings.

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