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Figure Out Who's Exposing You

How to make sure your personal network isn't giving out too much information about you

Remember that you aren't the only one sharing information. Use a browser to search for information about you and consider these possible sources:

  1. Family and friends may post information about you in blogs, on genealogy sites and in photo-sharing sites, for example.
  2. Does your employer share information about you on the company website? Review what's posted to see if you are comfortable with what is in your employee bio. If you are working in a big company, you may also want to be cautious about how much is visible to other employees on an intranet (a company internal Internet). When you attend a conference, has your company provided a bio of you for use in online conference documents? If your company encourages employees to leave out-of-office messages on their email, be aware that these may reveal when you'll be away from home and make you a target for burglary.
  3. Many seniors head back to school in later years. Be sure your school does not expose student information on their websites if the general public can access those sites. If they post photos and identify students by last name, this puts you at risk. Posting schedules of after-school activities along with information about which activities a student participates in makes you physically locatable.

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