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life is good written on sand on a beach

5 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

The keys to contentment are at your fingertips

Getting Your Retirement Back on Track

white brick wall with invest in yourself Inscription and blue arrow pointing upwards

6 Lessons From Retired Millionaires

The road to wealth is paved with good habits

birthday cake with candles with the numbers 65

5 Financial Things You Need to Know When Turning 65

It's a pivotal age for retirement planning decisions

pink piggy bank stuffed with dollars in front of a chalk board full of ideas like retirement wants and needs

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

These 4 factors will get you a ballpark estimate

Free Planning Tool

AARP Money Map is a guide to manage unanticipated expenses

IRA written on a stick and jar with dollars

Can You Contribute to an IRA When You Turn 50?

Yes, to both traditional and Roth IRAs

401k with a dollar sign being handwritten on a chalkboard

Do You Max Out Your 401(k) Contributions?

Savers 50+ can put away an extra $6,500 in 2020

A man is trying to get money out of the white piggy bank

6 Financial Decisions That Could Haunt You in Retirement

Why you might regret these money moves

happy woman arms stretched out as money rains down

The Retirement Income Quiz You Can’t Afford to Fail

The answers can help you retire more comfortably

Also Popular on AARP Planning for Retirement

illustrated sign against blue sky points in various directions related to retirement income and spending options

Would You Trade a Pension for a One-Time Cash Payout?

Compare benefits and risks before deciding

Couple looking reviewing 401k documents at home

People of Color Less Prepared Financially for Retirement

Survey shows data on timeline to build nest eggs

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