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Florida 50+ Voters

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AARP commissioned a survey in Florida to gauge the views of voters ages 50+ on a range of issues affecting their state.  Key findings include the following:

  • Florida voters ages 50+ say that the economy and jobs represent the most important issue facing their state, followed closely by healthcare costs and illegal immigration.

  • Division in America is a top concern among Florida voters ages 50+.

  • Although the majority of Florida voters ages 50+ feel that the U.S. economy overall and the Florida economy are getting stronger, few feel that they personally are getting ahead financially.

  • The vast majority of Florida voters ages 50+ express support for reform to reduce the prices of prescription drugs.

  • Many Florida voters ages 50+ are concerned about changes that Congress may make to programs that matter to them, such as Medicare and Social Security.

This survey was conducted in November 2017 by Benenson Strategy Group and GS Strategy Group for AARP.  The sample included 800 registered voters ages 50+ in Florida.  All interviews were completed by telephone using landlines and cell phones.  For more information, contact
S. Kathi Brown of AARP Research at  Inquiries from the Media should be directed to AARP’s Media Relations Department at


Suggested Citation:

Benenson Strategy Group and GS Strategy Group for AARP. Florida 50+ Voters. Washington, DC: AARP Research, January 2018.

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