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2016 Connecticut Survey of Registered Voters Age 45-Plus on Utilities: Dominion Power Nuclear Bail-Out

Nuclear power plant


Many Connecticut residents oppose the State providing a subsidy to Dominion Power, even if the company can demonstrate a loss of profits.

Key findings include the following:

  • More than three quarters of respondents (78%) feel funding for any approved subsidy should be spread across all of the New England states Millstone serves and not just Connecticut.

  • Over half of the residents (55%) would oppose Connecticut providing a subsidy to Dominion Power, even if they can demonstrate a loss of profits.

  • While 58% of the respondents agree Dominion Power should be allowed to make decisions they view are in the best interest of the consumers and business if they are losing money, the majority are unwilling to pay a surcharge on their monthly electricity bill for a subsidy. More than half (55%) would oppose a surcharge as low as $3 a month, while 60% would oppose $5, 68% would oppose $8, and 74% would oppose $10.

The AARP 2016 Connecticut Utilities Study was a telephone survey among 800 residents about issues regarding electric utility rates and suppliers. Interviews were conducted October 31-November 10, 2016. The sample came from L2 Labels & Lists of registered voters.  For more information contact Cassandra Cantave at