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2015 Indiana Small Business Survey

​The 2015 Indiana Small Business Owner Financial Security Survey was conducted as a telephone survey among business owners or decision makers with 0-100 additional employees. The survey examined opinions and experiences related to retirement savings issues.  

Survey findings show that most (77%) Hoosier small business owners (those with 0-100 employees) agree that Indiana should do more to help residents save for retirement.  The majority surveyed understand the need and business case for offering their employees a retirement savings plan: seven of ten agree that offering a workplace savings plan helps small businesses attract and retain quality employees (79%) and stay competitive (71%).

While most (75%) do not offer a retirement savings plan due to limited resources, many respondents (47%) say they would be likely to go online and select a retirement plan from a list of professionally managed plans.​ Across a spectrum of personal political views, three of five or more support legislation that would provide small businesses online access to retirement savings plans that meet an established criteria for affordability and ease of use (Conservative: 62%;  Liberal: 79%; Moderate: 74%).  

Responding business owners received $5 compensation for completing the survey. A total of 463 interviews were conducted by the American Institute of Consumer Students from August 27-September 16, 2015. The data was not weighted.​ For more information please contact Jennifer Sauer at

Caregiver Costs

Caregiving Comes with Financial Burdens

In 2016, family caregivers spent on average just under $7,000 per year, or an average 20% of their income, on caregiving expenses.

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