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Living the Good Life in Tampa/St. Pete: A Survey of Residents Age 50 to 64

Results of this survey show that most residents in Tampa and St. Petersburg age 50 to 64 love where they live and are enjoying the local offerings of the region.  While there are a few differences among residents in this cohort depending on which city they call home, the more defining attributes are related to mindset and engagement.  Residents who view the Tampa/St Pete area as one larger community and who travel between the cities regularly are more likely to view living in the area more positively than those who live a more insulate life in their home city.  The challenge to policy makers is to identify ways to draw out these more isolated individuals so they too can begin to enjoy the region as well as the rest of their contemporaries.


  • Residents age 50 to 64 from both Tampa and St. Pete show a strong affinity for their communities, with at least seven in ten strongly agreeing that they like where they live and take pride in living there.

  • Most residents age 50 to 64 in both Tampa and St. Pete strongly agree that they have opportunities to do a lot of different things in the area and are content with their current level of involvement with their local community.

  • More than half say they generally choose local establishments over chain restaurants when they go out to eat, and two-thirds shop at locally-owned stores at least once a month.  

The AARP 2015 Tampa/St. Petersburg Survey was conducted as a telephone survey among residents age 50-64 in the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL. The survey collected the opinions of Tampa and St. Petersburg residents on issues such as travel between the two cities, patronage of local businesses, and community involvement, which included a modified sense of community index.  The survey was approximately 14 minutes in length.  The interviews were conducted in English by Precision Opinion from July 30th to August 16th, 2015. The data was collected using a listed landline and cell phone sample. For more information contact Kate Bridges at

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