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Project Catalyst is helping to gain valuable insights into 50-plus consumer behavior and usage of popular and new-to-market health-tech products.

Project Catalyst fills a gap in the market by putting the 50-plus consumer at the center of innovation. By conducting consumer research of new and emerging products with the 50-plus consumer, we help inform developers about how their products and services are working to improve the lives of Americans as they age.


Why Is Project Catalyst Needed?

The 50-plus consumer is missing from the earliest point in the design process. As a result, needs go unmet. Project Catalyst | The Power of We inserts the 50-plus consumer at the front end of the process so that new products and services more effectively address their needs, resulting in greater relevance and adoption. And for products already in the market, Project Catalyst contributes to their continuous improvement and ability to improve the lives of Americans as they age.

Good Innovation Will Be Embraced

People over 50 are online and connected, and make use of technology that is intuitive and consumer-friendly. But there is not enough technology that can meet their needs, especially in the health and wellness and the digital health spaces. This is a huge opportunity for the double bottom line. Developers can both provide products that improve the lives of Americans as they age while also increasing revenue. Parks Associates forecasted an aggregate revenue opportunity of $30 billion over the next five years on top of an existing market of roughly $70 billion across nine categories of health and wellness products and services.

More About Project Catalyst

Project Catalyst | The Power of We engages consumers in the innovation process by providing valuable feedback on the functionality and design of products that improve the quality of life for 50-plus consumers — from the time users open the packaging to when they incorporate the technology into their daily lives. With Project Catalyst, AARP has convened the most innovative leaders in the health care industry to launch a pioneering program that gains valuable insights into 50-plus consumer behavior and usage of popular and new-to-market health-tech products. By putting the consumer at the center of the innovation process, developers are provided with actionable insights into end-user behavior at the front end of ideation and development. This interdisciplinary approach uses empirical research to gain a clearer understanding of 50-plus consumer behavior so that developers can better meet the wants and needs of this underserved population.

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Research this sophisticated can’t be done alone. We rely on the guidance, support and expertise of our partners to help design research projects that are both informative and actionable, cutting edge and rooted in science. Their experience with concept testing, data gathering and insight generation with the 50-plus market are invaluable to the construction and execution of the Project Catalyst program. Most importantly, all of our partners share a common interest — to seek solutions that improve the lives of Americans as they age.

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