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Vaccine Acceptance: Older Adults Need Accurate Information

Older adults considering vaccinations need factual information from someone they trust.

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Older Workers Are Willing and Eager to Learn New Skills

Two-thirds of older workers are interested in skills or job training. Interest is even higher among Black and Hispanic workers.

Perimenopause Is More Than Hot Flashes: What Women Need to Know

Women need more information about perimenopause to feel empowered to advocate for themselves.

How Americans 40-Plus See Their Health and the System that Supports It

Explores health care access, knowledge and concerns about various health topics, and current health habits of adults age 40+.

Love Your Guts: Older Americans' Views on Colorectal Cancer Screenings

To convince older Americans to get a colorectal cancer screening, a doctor's recommendation is critical.

Older Adults Are Upgrading Their Tech for a Better Online Experience

In 2020, the pandemic significantly limited social interaction, and technology became more important than ever for adults age 50+.

NYC Voters 50+ Have Candidate Preferences and Issues in Mind for Next Mayor

Many NYC 50+ voters for upcoming mayoral primaries remain undecided, leaving room for candidates to address their top concerns.

Women Seek More Authentic Representation of Aging in Media and the Marketplace

Pandemic stress puts renewed emphasis on inner health and self-care among Black and Latina women age 50-plus.

Privacy, Storage, and Usage: A Look at How Older Adults View Big Data in Health Care

A recent AARP survey on big health data found that older adults lack knowledge about how much personal data is collected, analyzed.

How Financial Experiences During the Pandemic Shape Future Outlook

Job loss and reduced income during the pandemic have led many working adults to say that their financial situation is worse.

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