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It's Never Too Late for a Sexy Rendezvous!

There's nothing like a vacation to rekindle fun on the beach and love in the bedroom.

The Weekend Island Trip
There are few things as romantic as getting on a ferry and going away to an island. Nothing makes a person feel quite as removed from reality.

You can go to an island that is close to a major city, such as the San Juans of Washington State or the Gulf Islands or Vancouver Island off Vancouver, British Columbia. If Southern California is more your style, a weekend in Avalon on Catalina Island is ideal.

Or you can get on a plane from Philadelphia, Atlanta, or New York and go to Bermuda, which is just an hour and a half away. And don't forget the Florida Keys for a quickie getaway. Key West is known for idyllic sunsets, which would get anyone in the mood.

If you get your body moving and your heart pumping, can the rest of your equipment be far behind? Adrenaline does make the heart grow fonder, so adventure vacations are pretty darn sexy. Here are a couple I like:

For West-Coasters, consider Idaho and Oregon, or, for you Eastern Seaboard types, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, for a few days of whitewater rafting. If you only want moderate thrills, go later than June, preferably in August, when there is still enough water to be interesting but not too scary. In some cases, outfitters at your destination can take care of everything: Great food, tents, and campsites are right at the edge of the river. The views can be awesome, and the stars shine just for you.

Try a weekend bicycle trip outside San Francisco to Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, or Santa Rosa, Calif. Ask outfitters to bring the bikes to your hotel and even set up a lunch for you. Or have lunch at one of the many wineries or small shops that cross your path.

In winter, think about learning how to snowshoe in Colorado or the Sierra Nevadas, or in one of the New England states—New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, or upstate New York. Lake Placid is filled with modest inns. You could go on a dogsled on the frozen ice or try the luge that is a remnant of the 1980 Winter Olympic games. If you want to get your hormones percolating, that is a sure way to do it.

Sometimes the mood is best right after you have been pampered. So why not help your body remember how nice it is to be touched? There are so many types of spas now that men and women can find exactly what they like.

If one of you likes treatments and the other likes the golf course, many spas around the country offer something for each of you. Traditionally, men have been a little nervous about spas, but I think that is changing rapidly. If it's too big a jump to try all at once, then try day spas first. Almost every city has one that will pamper you for the day, and then you can go back home or to your hotel and enjoy the benefits of an overall sense of well-being.