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How Does Your Relationship Rate?

Find out if your love life is as hot as it could be.


Take the temperature of your relationship by completing the quiz above and then check your score below to find out ways to turn up the heat.

Tepid  (10-12 points)

If you took this quiz, you were at least curious enough to think about your sex life to see where it falls on the passion curve. Since it is at or near the bottom of this quiz, you might want to work on some improvement. Start by talking with your partner about why you don't do most of the things on this list. If you both agree there could be some improvement without too much fuss, great! Choose something on the list that interests you, such as kissing more passionately and more often, and add it to your personal schedule. If, however, one of you is highly resistant or even angry at the suggestion, you might want to dig deeper and see if there is a serious problem or general alienation that you need to deal with. At the very least, talking about the issues or seeking a counselor to help you communicate should be a great help to your relationship.

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Warm (13- 15 points) 

You're trying, but you need to try a little harder. The important thing is that you want each other and show it — at least some of the time. What you need to do is build on what you've got.  There are no constraints because of age or time together — although aging does present its challenges, and it is easy to let daily issues or larger problems get in the way of stoking the fire between you. Your challenge is to look down this list and add a few items. There is nothing here you can't do, and it seems you have the interest. Just giving each other more time to develop the affection and connection you have can keep your relationship sexy now — and even sexier in the future.

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Tropical (16- 18 points)  

Oh yeah, you are hot together. You are giving each other enough time and energy and you have a sensual and sexual bond. Probably the questions you answered "false" indicate that they don't fit with your lifestyle or morality, or you tried something but it fell by the wayside because it wasn't particularly interesting to both of you. Nonetheless, take a second look at the question or two you didn't think described your relationship and see if those items hold any interest for the two of you. You might want to bring back something you've forgotten about, but you used to do. No worries if there is nothing you want to add. You are in a compelling and hot relationship!

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The Hot, Hot Zone (19-20 points)

Bingo! You won the sex lottery, and your friends are envious. You obviously are all over each other, and your sexual connection is a huge strength in your relationship. You must also have a great relationship aside from the sexual connection, because it takes a strong emotional bond to continue to be as affectionate and erotic as you have demonstrated by your score. You are a model of what a sexual relationship can be. Keep it up.

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