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A Happy Final Resting Place

If your life has been filled with joyous experiences, why spend the rest of eternity sealed in a run-of-the-mill casket?

That's part of the reason a Singapore philanthropy partnered with a local nursing home to come up with a concept known as "happy coffins." The Lien Foundation commissioned a community of Singapore artists and designers to create personalized coffins for three of the home's residents.

Before the wooden caskets were painted, the three recipients discussed their lives, passions and dreams with the artists tasked with customizing the coffins.

One casket had a colorful rendering of yellow sunbursts, musical notes and angels against a white background, along with the words: "Love is the only thing we can carry with us as we go & it makes the end easy."

"The traditional negative associations surrounding the coffin were transformed into a celebratory symbol of courage, life and beauty," says Lien CEO Lee Poh Wah, 40. "It gets people to focus on how the departed have lived."

Blair S. Walker frequently writes for the Bulletin’s In the News section.

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