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Grandmothers Campaign for Healthy Grandchildren

There is nothing more rewarding than becoming a grandparent. That’s why AARP Virginia has launched a new campaign to make sure that your grandchildren get off to a healthy start and thrive in those first years of life.

As the young women in your life enter adulthood, they need the guidance and answers that only someone who’s “been there and done that” can offer. That’s where you—the mother and future grandmother—come in. The Grandmother’s Campaign is a call to action for all grandmothers to help reduce infant mortality and make sure that every grandchild gets off to a healthy start. By joining the campaign you will:

  • Get the latest information about women’s health, prenatal care and safe sleep
  • Have the tools you need to engage your daughters and other young women in your life in important family conversations
  • Be connected to a statewide network of grandmothers who share their experiences, learn more about infant health and get answers to important questions affecting their grandchild’s health right from the start.

It’s easy to join the Grandmothers Campaign. Just follow these three simple steps.

  1. First, make sure you are up to date on the latest information. Download the three conversation starters—Healthy at Every Age, Your Daughter and Pregnancy, and Safe Sleep and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. These documents contain up to date information on these important topics so you can apply them to your grandchildren and help support the new mother in your life. Check back here regularly for new conversation starters that will be added.
  2. Next, have a family conversation with the young women in your life. Go over the information in the conversation starter documents. Discuss ways to work together to assure that you are doing what it takes to get your grandchildren and future grandchildren off to a good start. Once you’ve done that, think of places where you can share this information with other young women in your broader social networks (neighborhood, clubs, religious communities, etc.).
  3. Finally, stay current with new information by joining the Grandmothers Campaign for Healthy Grandchildren online community. This statewide network will connect you with a growing community of grandmothers who share information and experiences about their grandchildren. The online community will be monitored by a health care professional from the Virginia Department of Health who will answer your questions and share new and important information about women’s and children’s health. While you’re there, brag a little about your grandchildren by posting pictures and videos and sharing your thoughts on the comment board. Click here for instructions on how to join the online community and then visit the site at The first 200 grandmothers to join will receive a free infant sleep sack.

Thanks for joining the Grandmothers Campaign for Healthy Grandchildren. Spread the word about the campaign to your friends and neighbors. Many people across Virginia are committed to reducing infant mortality and improving early childhood health. This is your chance to join them and add one more tool to this effort—the collective power of grandmothers. We owe it to our daughters, our grandchildren and our community.

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