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Now Hear This: People, Trends and Ideas

Old Shoes, Young Feet

With so many grandparents raising grandchildren, how do you make little ones more understanding of the physical challenges that Grandma and Grandpa may face? For Chicago-area youngsters, the answer is Walk in My Shoes, a 4-H/University of Illinois Extension program that relies on props such as bulky gloves and colored eyeglasses to impart a sense of impaired mobility, sight and hearing. “My main mission is to teach children patience,” says 4-H’s Frances Johnson.

Hypnotic Help

The global financial meltdown is driving more and more Americans to enlist the aid of professional hypnotists, according to National Guild of Hypnotists president Dwight F. Damon. Calming tones or music is typically used to ease clients into what hypnotists call a wakeful state of focused attention, followed by a pattern of suggestions designed to achieve a desired behavioral result. People are also turning to hypnosis to extricate themselves from debt by curbing their spending habits, Damon says.

Seat Deal

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada states that some airline passenger can have two seats for the price of one. Citing a case involving Calgary lawyer Linda McKay-Panos, Canada’s top court ruled that individuals whose obesity is caused by a medical condition can have two seats while paying one fare on domestic Canadian flights. The case stems from a 1997 Air Canada flight that resulted in bruising to McKay-Panos after she was forced to travel in a narrow bulkhead seat, says Canadian Transportation Agency spokeswoman Judy Deland.

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