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Teacher Posts Anti-Gay Slurs on Facebook

The husband of a New Jersey teacher, who allegedly posted anti-gay comments on her Facebook page, is speaking out. The comments sparked a firestorm in Union Township. And some are calling for the teacher's dismissal.

It's the first time we've seen Viki Knox, the New Jersey teacher who has created an uproar after posting anti-gay comments on her Facebook page.
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With students at Union Township High School where she teaches, and on the web. Now for the first time her husband is speaking out because her lawyers have advised her not to.

"Everybody's entitled to an opinion,"says Gene Knox, Viki's husband.

In this exclusive interview with CBS 2's Derrick Dennis, Gene Knox acknowledges his wife made the comments on Facebook.

Homosexuality is a perverted spirit, I know sin and it breeds like cancer. Adding why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us. You are wrong. All in opposition to school bulletin board celebrating Gay Lesbian and Bi-Transgender history month.

"They can persecute her, but they can't prosecute her," Knox says.

The school board secretary says the district has no policies when it comes to views posted on the web from a personal computer. But the district is investigating to see if Knox used a school computer. In that case guidelines says quote users shall not use the system to spread messages that can reasonably be interpreted as harassing, discriminatory or defamatory even if it includes public messages.

"I will tell you, I'd like to see an examination of how that teacher conducts herself in the classroom," says Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey.

Just one of the things the school board is looking at as Knox remains on paid administrative leave.

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