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Grandparents on a Mission

Grandparents taking charge to improve their lives and those of their grandchildren

Inside E Street features two grandparent advocates: Pat Owens and Brigitte Castellano.  

Owens has been raising her grandson since her daughter, a drug addict, disappeared from their lives. Pat discovered that her daughter had given up another child for adoption - a baby boy she didn't know existed. She fought to gain custody when the boy was placed in foster care and lost. She is now fighting for visitation rights for all grandparents.

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Brigitte Castellano 's daughter and grandson lived with her for five years after her daughter's divorce. After the daughter was killed by a drunk driver, Castellano was forced by the courts to turn over her grandson to her absent son-in-law, the boy's biological father. She has fought and helped change custody laws that do not take a child's best interest into account.
Inside E Street's Lark McCarthy discusses visitation and custody rights with Amy Goyer, AARP Family Expert and Jaia Peterson Lent, Deputy Executive Director of Generations United.

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