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AARP Segunda Juventud Assisted Living and Long-Term Care Study

Few 40-plus Hispanics have planned for the possibility that they might have to enter an assisted-living (AL) or long-term care (LTC) facility, according to this March 2007 AARP survey of 551 age 40+ Hispanics, and if they did need such care, less than half report having the financial means to pay for it.

Of those surveyed...

  • 76 percent would prefer to receive any needed LTC services in their homes, either from family or friends (48%) or from a health-care professional (28%).

  • few have had any recent experience with LTC in a professional facility. However, many have had someone in their family who required care at home from a family member or friend (33%) or from a health care professional (23%).

  • 26 percent have discussed their preferences regarding LTC services with family members, and 36% have discussed their parents' preferences concerning LTC if needed.

  • many would be willing to have their children or a family member move in with them if they needed LTC (73%)-or to move in with a child or family member (58%).

  • 68 percent have plans if their parents are no longer able to care for themselves; less than a third of these plans (29%) involve placing a parent in an AL or LTC facility.

  • 45 percent are currently providing care or assistance to a parent.

This telephone survey was conducted for AARP by ICR from March 9-20, 2007. For more information, contact Tracy Needham of AARP Knowledge Management at 202-434-6322. (12 pages)

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