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Are Boomer Women Talking to Their Parents about Independent Living?

It is important to consider the various types of assistance we may need to be able to live independently as we get older. Having these conversations with parents about these issues is difficult, yet it is important that they take place so families can plan ahead.

An AARP study, Are Americans Talking with Their Parents about Independent Living: A 2007 Study Among Boomer Women, found that most women age 45+ have had these conversations with their parents, but less than half have actually begun to plan for any future assistance their parents may need.

Key Findings

  • About two-thirds of women have had conversations with their parents about their ability to live independently as they get older. However, only 40% have begun to plan with their parents for assistance they may need in the years to come.
  • Two-thirds of women feel that their parents would be able to pay for assistance.
  • In considering where their parents might go if they were unable to live by themselves, women most often mentioned having their parents move in with them (43%) or remain at home with paid help (33%). Only 17% had considered the possibility of their parents moving into a nursing home.
  • The majority of women are familiar with community resources their parents might draw on, such as assisted transportation, meal services, adult day care, and assisted living facilities.
  • More than half of boomer women have begun to think about their own ability to live independently when they get older and how they would pay for any assistance they may need.


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Read the Study, "Are Americans Talking with Their Parents about Independent Living: A 2007 Study Among Boomer Women"

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