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10 Scams That Everyone Over 60 Should Guard Against

Dollar losses growing amid pandemic, isolation


10 Latino American Icons Who Changed This Country

A salute as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Stay Connected With Our Virtual Community Center

Browse through free online events and classes

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Today: Internet Use Might Keep You Sharp

Also: Changes in SNAP benefits

Mortgage Debt Woes Burden the 55-Plus

About 1.7 million behind on payments

The Human Cost of High Drug Prices

Older adults cope with costly expenses

A Romance Fraud Victim's Tale

She wants others to learn from her


What to Know About the Coronavirus

Get the latest news and information

SNAP Benefits Have Helped Older Adults

Often relied on during pandemic

A Patriotic Nod to Latin America

Spanish version of U.S. anthem

Caring for a Loved One?

Tips for Talking to Nursing Home Staff​

How to create trusting relationships

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COVID Surges Again in Nursing Homes

Cases are high, staff shortages worsen

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Adjusting to Life as a 'Sudden' Caregiver

What to do when unexpected happens

Office Return Adding to Caregiver Stress

Many worry about juggling duties

At Home

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Today's Workout: Balance and Energy

Kathy Smith leads session

What to Know ​​​About Travel to Canada Now

It's opening up, but with restrictions​​​

Film Museum Finally Opens Its Doors

What to see at Los Angeles site

Cut Kitchen Clutter With These Tips

Make the most of small spaces​​​


The Unstoppable Salma Hayek

Actress has risen above all challenges

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Sunny Hostin on Her Afro-Latin Identity

'The View' cohost embraces her roots

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