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Test Your Knowledge About Long-Term Care with AARP’s Long-Term Care Quiz


Message from ReACT

Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer, Inc, ReACT, Respect a Caregiver's Time

Increasing numbers of Americans are working two shifts — one in the workplace and another at home providing care for an aging or unwell family member. These dual-shift workers are often under stress and at risk of health problems themselves. They need flexibility in the workplace — and their managers need help understanding and offering the best solutions. That’s why Pfizer is proud to support ReACT and their important work to develop tools for front-line managers, HR executives and others who have employees juggling work and caregiving. These tools are found in the ReACT Employer Tool Kit, found on this site. Special thanks and credit to AARP for leading the development of this tool kit, which we hope will help business owners and managers give their employee caregivers the support they need.”

—Freda Lewis Hall, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer