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San Mateo, Calif.
Number of Employees: 76

Program: Elder Emergency Time Off (EETO)
Founded in 2007,'s mission is to help family caregivers online and started this eldercare program for employees in 2010.  The program provides up to five days off for eldercare emergencies, beyond employees' 10 paid holidays per year and 3-4 weeks of paid time off (includes sick and vacation leave; number of weeks depends on tenure).  This EETO was started because many of the employees were involved in family care and using their holiday and time off to see to the care of their relative(s). In order to be eligible for the EETO, which is paid time off, the employee must be caring for parents, in-laws or grandparents. The CEO of this organization believes that vacation days should be separate from caregiving days.

Marketing / Utilization
In a small organization, marketing can easily be done informally. Approximately 10-15% of employees have used the EETO benefit. One employee used the benefit to see to the arrangements required for her mother after her death. Another employee used this leave to provide care for a grandparent in Asia rather than resign from her position. These are just a couple examples of how the benefit has been used by employees.

No formal evaluation of the program/policies has been conducted.

Benefits to Employer
Employees are either actively involved in eldercare now or would be in the near future and this program provides them with the flexibility they need to man- age their family responsibilities. The benefits to the employer include enhanced loyalty and retention of employees who otherwise might have to leave the organization. Morale is higher and the company does not have to absorb the high costs associated with replacing workers.

Other Program Information
Given the nature of the business, development of resource and referral information about caregiving was not required. However, the CEO expressed his desire to have more resources so it would be possible to provide paid leave options to employees to care for their loved ones. "We understand how tough caregiving is so we're happy to provide this benefit to our employees," says CEO and co-founder, Andy Cohen, who was a caregiver for his mother before founding