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American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association (APA)
Washington, D.C.
Number of Employees: 600

The eldercare program designed for APA employees began three years ago. The association had discussed the possibility of starting an eldercare benefit prior to that time, but there did not seem to be a strong demand for it. After several requests for services were made to the HR department, the issues of eldercare were taken more seriously. Bright Horizons, which had been providing child-care services, offered them the Adult Back-up Care option. The back-up care is the only specific eldercare programming in place. Family caregivers are also served by the EAP provider for counseling and information and referral services. There are also expanded FMLA options because the APA is located in the District of Columbia, which requires 16 weeks of family leave and 16 weeks of personal leave in a 24-month period. Family leave options can be taken for any family member — not just immediate family members. Employees can also use their vacation days to attend to caregiving responsibilities.

The vendor, Bright Horizons, promotes the services and once a year does a workshop about the benefit. It also sends out printed materials during open enrollment. Information about the program is also available on the intranet and posted in the lunchrooms. New hires are given information. There are no utilization rates available for the program.

APA has not evaluated the program or surveyed employees about their experience. However, employees are described as “vocal” and have commented on how helpful the program is. To date, very few employees have used the program.

Benefits to Employer
Recruiters use the program as an incentive for potential new hires and there is a belief that the productivity is increased and anxiety has decreased as a result of the availability of the program.

Other Program Information
APA will use employee feedback and information to determine what is needed by the employees. If the cost was not an issue, they would increase the number of days available for the back-up care.