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Hartford, Conn.
Number of Employees: 35,000

Program: A Component of the Employee Work Life and Assistance Program (EWLA)
The EWLA program offers eldercare resources, referrals and information to Aetna employees. Managed through LifeCare, this program, available nationally, offers employees information about their care situation, options available to them and care plans to address the needs of their loved ones. Other elements include a website that provides 24/7 access to information about EWLA programs including eldercare, educational guides and assessments, podcasts and webinars on caregiving issues, and access to support and discussion groups. In addition, there are seminars offered at the corporate headquarters site (Hartford, Conn.) and other sites upon request.

Marketing / Utilization
The EAP program provides a website and ongoing marketing to ensure that employees are aware of the array of services offered. Overall, the utilization rate for any EAP program is 15 percent. No statistics are kept for different elements of the programs. This statistic also does not include use of Web-based resources.

A consumer satisfaction survey is emailed to employees after use of the program. There is a 95–100 percent satisfaction rate for the program based on this evaluation.

Benefits to the Employer
The average age of employees is about 41 years, so many employees are caring for older relatives. They have not evaluated the program as it affects the employee, but if they did, they would want to assess the extent to which the program has helped employees feel more balanced in their lives, loyal to Aetna and more productive.

Other Program Information
As a component of the EAP program, the eldercare program is managed exclusively by the vendor.