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Lina Walker, PhD

Vice President, Health Security

Lina Walker, PhD

Lina Walker, PhD

Areas of Expertise

Medicare and health care financing


Lina Walker serves as the vice president of health security in AARP’s Public Policy Institute, where she leads a team of senior health policy and health services researchers. She has spent nearly 20 years conducting research and publishing on health care and retirement issues. Lina’s recent work includes analyzing Medicare reform proposals and their effect on beneficiaries and Medicare’s long-term financial status. In addition, she has worked on issues related to the financing of Social Security and Medicaid, private pension reform, long-term care financing, and health and long-term care insurance.

Before joining AARP, Lina was the research director at the Retirement Security Project, a joint project between the Brookings Institution and Georgetown University, and she was a research assistant professor at Georgetown Public Policy Institute. Previously, she worked at the Congressional Budget Office, where she modeled the effects of rising disability rates on the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. Lina’s work also included projecting the long-term financial status of the Medicare and Social Security trust fund. Early in her career, she worked at the Office of Policy Analysis of the Maryland General Assembly, where she provided staff support to Maryland’s state legislators and analyzed the effects of health and long-term care proposals on the state’s budget and consumers.

Lina serves on several expert panels at the National Quality Forum and is a fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance. She has written and presented on a broad range of health and retirement issues.

Lina has a PhD in economics from the University of Michigan.

Selected Publications

Gazzale, R., Sandy Mackenzie, S., and Walker, L., “Do Defaults and Longevity Annuities Improve Annuity Take-Up Rates: Results from an Experiment,” (Washington, DC, AARP Public Policy Institute, October 2012).

Koenig, G. and Walker, L., “The Importance of Social Security and Medicare,” (Washington, DC, AARP Public Policy Institute, August 2013.

L. Walker and J. Accius, “State Variation in Access to Medicaid HCBS and Nursing Home Services: A 50-State Survey of Financial Eligibility Standards,” AARP Public Policy Institute, Insight on the Issues (July 2011).

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