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Kansas Diversity Council Goes on Tour

The AARP Kansas Diversity Council is ready to hit the road to find out how AARP can better meet the needs of the 50+ population throughout the state. The Council is charged with advising AARP’s Executive Council to ensure that diversity and inclusion permeates all AARP activities in the state.

The first stop is Nicodemus where Council members will attend the Nicodemus Homecoming celebration on July 31. Nicodemus, located in north central Kansas is the only remaining western community established by African Americans after the Civil War. Each year, Nicodemus celebrates the emancipation of slaves and draws together descendents of Nicodemus for a family reunion. Diversity Council members will have an opportunity to share in the celebration and provide information about AARP’s efforts to be there to help people who are exploring “what’s next” in life. It fits in with the Nicodemus theme of “past, present, and the future is up to you”. AARP wants them to know who we really are and how we can help.

Next stop on the tour is south to Hesston. On September 14, the Diversity Council will head to Hesston where they will meet at the Senior Center for a discussion about the Diversity Council and its role in helping a diverse group of 50+ men and women figure out what’s next by listening to them and hearing what they need to be successful. Local Diversity Council member Dwight Roth and Diversity Council Chair Rich Hanley will take lead roles in the discussion. The day will also include the kickoff of AARP’s 10-week walking program in Hesston, as well as a food drive to help fill up the local food pantry.

Later in the Fall, the Diversity Council plans to head to the southwest corner of the state. They’ll meet with citizens of Garden City to learn what’s on the minds of the 50+ population in that part of Kansas and find out what AARP can do to help them figure out what’s next, and what they need now?

The Diversity Council, as you can imagine, is made up of a diverse group of Kansans who are interested in aging issues as it relates to a diverse section of our population. If you are interesting in joining this group, please contact AARP Kansas by calling 1-866-448-3619 or by e-mailing us at

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