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The Stories You Cared Most About in 2017

A look back at some of the popular articles on

Classic Names At Risk Of Becoming Extinct

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Based on AARP readership, the end of classic baby names and other memorable articles make 2017 one to remember.

Every year is filled with news, but 2017 was busy by anyone’s standards: With developments in so many areas, not just politics, this is a year that many will remember for a long time.

That fact is reflected in the stories you read on this year. What were your favorite pieces? Here are 10 that are among the tops, based on readership.

There's a Problem Related to the New Chip Cards. This was our most popular story: Those new security chips in your credit cards aren’t helping much in cutting down on credit card fraud, partly because thieves found other ways to steal and partly because not enough merchants are using the chips.

Your Driver's License May Not Fly. If you’re planning to fly after Jan. 22, you may not be able to use your driver’s license as a form of identification to get through security. That’s thanks to the REAL ID Act of 2005, which everyone in the travel industry is hoping you — and the other 719 million passengers who fly domestically every year — have heard about.

Are You 75? 4 Medical Tests You May Be Able to Skip. They may be a big waste of time, say a growing number of health experts.

Bad News for Diet Soda Lovers. Research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke this year finds that the artificial sweeteners used in diet drinks may be linked to a greater risk of stroke and dementia.

Classic Names at Risk of Becoming Extinct. When it comes to names, many classics have stood the test of time. But there are other monikers that are going the way of the dodo bird — and fast.

Dirty Stuff: When Should I Wash What? A look at how often you should wash dirty towels and sheets.

Daily Tea for Your Brain. Regularly drinking a cup or more of tea may cut your risk of dementia in half, research by the National University of Singapore suggests.

10 Hairstyles That Never Age. A photo gallery that looks at classic styles that are always cutting edge.

Phone Fraud Is Bigger Than Ever. For as long as there have been telephones, there have been crooks trying to call and steal your money. What is new is the sheer volume of unsolicited calls that Americans endure each year.

Check Your Earlobes for Possible Sign of Stroke Risk. They could be sending you a crucial message about your cardiovascular health, according to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine.

With health research breakthroughs, the march of technology, congressional elections and ever-more-sophisticated fraud attempts among the likely stories, 2018 looks as if it will be every bit as busy at 2017. And will continue to cover the news that is important to you.

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