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2006 Alabama Member Opinion Survey

AARP Member Opinion Research

Economic security and health issues are at the forefront of legislative subjects and personal concerns on the minds of Alabama AARP members participating in this in-depth assessment of their opinions and interests.

Retirement savings: Almost equal percentages of members are at opposite poles about being confident (28%) or not confident (27%) that they and their spouses will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement and/or that they are (26%) or are not (25%) well-prepared financially for retirement.

Health & money: Where 24 percent expect to have enough money to cover medical expenses during retirement, 32 percent are not confident they will. The gap is wider between the 17 percent who anticipate being able to pay for long-term care, such as nursing homes or home health services, and the 53 percent who don't. Of the 75 percent not having private long-term care insurance policies, 44 percent say it's because they can't afford more insurance and 40percent because policies cost too much.

Legislative issues: Among the surveyed members...

  • 91 percent consider ensuring Social Security's continuing ability to provide a guaranteed base for retirement income a top legislative priority
  • 85+ percent give top or high priority to:
    • making prescription drugs more affordable (88%)
    • protecting against consumer fraud (87%)
    • protecting pensions and retiree health benefits (86%)
  • 63 percent would support increasing state funding for services that would allow people to stay in their own homes even if it meant a reduction in nursing home funds

This mail survey of 892 Alabama AARP members was conducted from October through November 2006. Further information about the survey may be obtained by contacting the report's author, Anita Stowell-Ritter, at 202-434-6205. (43 pages)

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