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2005 Connecticut AARP Member Survey

AARP Member Opinion Research

This mail survey was conducted by AARP to explore and measure the opinions of AARP members in Connecticut on a variety of issues, including regulation and affordability of electric utilities and awareness, availability and cost of long-term care (LTC) services.

Of those surveyed...

  • 57 percent feel it is important to have electric rates regulated by the State and to have choice of companies that provide electricity. In fact, 76 percent strongly (46%) or somewhat (30%) support requiring the State to set electric utility rates.
  • 71 percent strongly (42%) or somewhat (29%) support having a state program that helps make electricity affordable to low-income households.
  • 36 percent are not very or not at all informed about local LTC services. Only 20 percent say they are completely/very well informed.
  • 30 percent report that they or a member or their immediate family have required LTC services in the past five years.
    • Of these, 47 percent say the services were very (15%) or somewhat (32%) easy to find, while 28 percent say finding these services was very (7%) or somewhat (21%) difficult.
  • 66 percent are not very or not at all confident they could pay for two years of LTC in a nursing home, and 55 percent are not very or not at all confident they could pay for two years of home-based LTC.

This mail survey of 934 AARP members in Connecticut was conducted from October through November 2005. For more information, contact Katherine Bridges at 207-899-2094.

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