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Maine Same-Day Voter Registration

Maine has had Election Day Voter Registration for almost 40 years and there have never been any significant problems. Since 1973, Maine citizens have been able to register to vote on Election Day. It has never caused any significant problems.

Vote Yes on Question #1 and Keep Election Day Voter Registration in Maine

Maine has a long tradition of citizen participation in state and local government, from town meetings to community activism. We should keep the tradition alive, encourage it, and continue to allow our citizens to register and vote on Election Day.

Election Day Voter Registration makes it possible for many Maine workers to register and vote on Election Day.

Many Mainers have two or even three jobs. Without Election Day voter registration in place, they might find it quite a challenge to juggle their two or three job schedules, register to vote on one day, and then cast their vote on another.
Same-day voter registration makes it possible for many seniors to register and vote.

AARP has long been a supporter of both encouraging people to vote and any voting system that makes the act of voting easy and accessible. Same-day voter registration is of paramount importance to older voters, too. It can help those with mobility issues or transportation concerns still have an opportunity to vote. Traditionally, older Americans are the most active voters of any age group and this is certainly true in Maine. We should be encouraging voter participation at every opportunity, not making it more difficult for our citizens to register and vote.

Because of Election Day Registration, Maine has one of the highest voter participation rates in the country.

Voting is fundamental to our democracy. We should reject this new law because it will decrease voter participation and make it more difficult for thousands of qualified Maine citizens to vote.

If it’s not broken, the Legislature should not try to fix it. We should continue with our long standing tradition of allowing our citizens to register and vote on Election Day.

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