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Where Do Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna Stand on the Issues that Matter Most to Washington Seniors?

A prolonged recession and rising health and long-term care costs have brought greater insecurity to many Washingtonians – especially people age 50 and older, who consistently rank health and financial issues among their top concerns.

With Election Day drawing near, many seniors are wondering where candidates Jay Inslee (D) and Rob McKenna (R) stand on the issues that matter most to them.

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To help Washingtonians make an informed vote, AARP is pleased to offer both a print and video voters’ guide for the office of Washington State Governor.

The video guides are available for viewing at the top of this page, and the print versions are available for viewing online. The public can also order a free copy of the print guide by calling AARP toll-free at 1-877-926-8300.

“The next governor from our great state will have many challenges and opportunities ahead of him,” said AARP State President John Barnett. “He’ll have to make sure that Washingtonians have affordable health and long-term care. He’ll have to tackle sensible tax reform to fund essential services and ensure quality education. He’ll have to protect seniors from financial fraud and abuse. And he’ll have to promote retirement security as Washingtonians age,” he said.
The views of older voters are expected to carry significant weight once again this election season. According to Elway Research, it’s predicted that 56% of Washington voters in the 2012 election will be age 50+.

According to Barnett, both Gubernatorial candidates have pledged that if elected they will host an Aging Summit within the first six months of their administration. “We plan on holding them to that promise, and these guides are the first look at how they plan on addressing issues critical to Washington’s future,” said Barnett.

The questions posed to both candidates in AARP’s guides are as follows.

AARP Washington Voter Guide Questions

  • How will you ensure full and effective implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act in Washington State? Will you make it a top priority to preserve and expand cost effective home and community based long term care services?
  • Will you support ways to generate new revenue so that Washington can both meet the new constitutionally required obligation to fund basic education and avoid cuts to safety net services many seniors rely on? What revenue sources would you specifically support? If you don’t support new revenue, how do you propose to meet these obligations?
  • What will you do to protect seniors from financial exploitation, abuse and neglect? Specifically, do you support stable and adequate funding for state programs that protect vulnerable populations such as the Office of the Public Guardianship, the State Long Term Care Ombudsman and Adult Protective Services? What will you do to improve our state’s adult abuse response system?
  • How will you promote retirement security? Do you support or oppose moving away from defined benefit plans and toward defined contribution systems for state employees? Will you take steps to make it easier for employees of small businesses to establish workplace savings accounts?

AARP has a proud 26-year history of non-partisan voter engagement and voter education. AARP does not endorse candidates or give money to candidates, campaigns, or a Political Action Committee. Our priority is ensuring you know where the candidates stand before you cast your vote.

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