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Where Do the Candidates Stand on the Aging Population?

Currently, Maine is the fastest aging state in the nation, and one has the oldest median age in the United States. Maine economist, Charlie Colgan, pointed out that Maine’s population for those over the age of 65 was 14% in the year 2000, but that figure that is predicted to double by 2030. This growth in the older population will place new demands on the State while also creating new opportunities.

Opinions of Maine People

AARP commissioned a poll of Maine people in July/August 2010 to determine how much of a priority it should be for the next governor of Maine to ensure that Maine is prepared to manage the opportunities and challenges that come as being a state with one of the highest percentages of older adults. AARP found that seven out of ten (69%) of Mainers believe that it should be a priority. In particular, 23% believe that it should be a top priority, and 46% believe it should be a high priority.*

AARP’s Position

It is critical that we set in place a sustainable solution to support the financial and health demands of this aging state. AARP believes that including seniors in Maine’s public policy agenda is vital to meet the needs of this ever increasing demographic. Everything from education to transportation will be affected by the aging of this state, and we must incorporate seniors into many of our states policies to ensure a steady adaptation into the future.

Candidates’ Positions

AARP asked the Maine gubernatorial candidates the following questions in regard to Maine’s aging population:

"As Maine continues to age, it will affect almost every aspect of our family, community and state dynamics. Do you support or oppose increased State support of senior services such as Meals on Wheels, transportation, and housing that meet the demands of this rising demographic? How would you incorporate senior issues into your administration’s public policy agenda?"

See how each of the candidates for governor responded.

Find more information on AARP Maine’s voter education activities on Facebook or and search for the election races in Maine.

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