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Super Tuesday Live Tweet Session

Tune in here or follow on Twitter with #AARPSuperT

The 2012 presidential campaign is one of the most popular topics on AARP, and Super Tuesday (March 6) will have a significant impact on who Republicans choose to face President Obama in November. The candidates have differing views on issues of special importance to voters 50 and older.

Want to make your voice heard on issues and candidates? Join the discussion in the AARP Super Tuesday Twitter Session. You can tune in here or follow the conversation on Twitter by searching the hashtag #AARPSuperT.

Lay out your positions on Social Security, Medicare, jobs and the economy. Or make a case for your candidate and try to bring your fellow Twitterers around to your way of thinking.

Please stay on topic and be civil. The exchange will not be moderated for political content.

The Twitter views expressed are those of the commenters and not of AARP. Comments are presented only to inform the public. AARP does not endorse any candidates for public office.

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