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AARP Engages Members with Early Caucus Outreach

You have an Opportunity to Get Involved

The early GOP caucus puts a spotlight on Nevada. As the first state in the West and fifth state nationally to vote, our caucus will be of particular importance to the rest of the nation and to the candidates themselves. If you’re a registered Republican you can contact your county GOP offices and they will provide you with precinct information.

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Find general contact information for the county GOP offices.

This year the Democrats have an incumbent President; though they still held a caucus Jan. 21 to talk about key issues their candidate will face.

What’s AARP doing for the Early Caucus?

As non-partisan organization, AARP does not have a PAC, endorse candidates or give money to campaigns. However, AARP is in a unique position to help educate voters of the importance of exercising their civic duty to caucus and vote in the upcoming elections.

As such, we’ve worked hard to raise public awareness about the opportunity early caucuses provide to Nevadans to make their voices heard on the issues that matter to them.

A December AARP Bulletin story offered both Democrats and Republicans information about their respective caucus dates and encouraged them to learn more about the issues.

AARP Nevada also joined Vegas PBS and Telemundo to develop campaigns that encourage people to register and vote in the early caucus.

We also sent reminder emails to nearly 30,000 members in Nevada detailing key caucus dates and encouraging them to get involved.

Why is AARP involved in Early Caucus Activities?

AARP has three goals for our involvement in the early caucus states:

  • First, we intend to encourage our members and the general public to vote.
  • Secondly, we want to educate voters and candidates on key issues for those 50+: jobs and economy, retirement security, Social Security and Medicare.
  • Finally, we will provide our members and the public information on where the candidates stand on the issues so that they can vote for a candidate that best reflects their values.

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