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Alabama State Fact Sheet

AARP State Fact Sheet

AARP Alabama is proud to represent and serve 515,199 AARP members age 50+ in the state.

We are committed to championing access to affordable, quality health care for all generations, providing the tools needed to save for retirement, and serving as a reliable information source on issues critical to Americans age 50+.  AARP and the AARP Foundation are also working to improve the lives of Alabamians through vital services including fraud prevention, driver safety and tax assistance programs.

Age 50+ voters:  75 percent of Alabamians age 50+ voted in the 2008 election, sending a clear message that it's time for elected officials from both sides of the aisle to come together to solve our nation's problems.

AARP:  Working To Improve the Lives of All Alabamians

Providing Real Relief:  We are working with Congress to support struggling workers by:

Extending unemployment insurance for the 17,065 Alabamians age 50+ hardest hit by the economic crisis.

Reforming Health Care:  We are working with Congress to fix our broken health care system by:

Making quality health care more affordable for the families and employers in Alabama now spending more than $11,000 a year on premiums alone; and

Ensuring all Americans have access to care, especially the 71,555 uninsured Alabamians age 50-64.

Helping the Most Vulnerable:  We are working with Congress to pass legislation that would help more low-income Americans with access to health care by:

Strengthening the State Children's Health Insurance Program and Medicaid to ensure that nearly 68,000 Alabama children and almost 948,000 of the most vulnerable Alabamians get the care they need.

Aging in Place:  We are working with Congress to ensure that the 89 percent of individuals age 50+ who wish to remain in their homes as long as possible can by:

Removing the institutional bias in Medicaid – the largest payer of long-term services and supports – which, in 2007, spent only 9 percent of long-term care dollars in Alabama on home and community-based services for older adults and adults with physical disabilities and 91 percent on institutional care for the same population.

Strengthening Medicare:  We are working with Congress to improve and strengthen Medicare, which provides health care for 804,351 Alabamians, by:

Putting more emphasis on quality and efficiency, capping out-of-pocket expenses in Medicare, and making prescription drugs more affordable.

Ensuring Social Security:  We are working with Congress to strengthen Social Security for current and future generations by:

Reaching a balanced and bipartisan solvency agreement that will preserve Social Security's role as a guaranteed floor of income security, as it now does, for 934,770 Alabamians currently receiving Social Security.

Promoting Retirement Savings:  We are working with Congress to ensure that every American has a simple, dependable way to save for retirement at work by:

Enacting Automatic IRA legislation, which would help many of the estimated 596,000 Alabamans who currently do not have access to a retirement savings plan at work.

Addressing the Housing Crisis:  We are working with Congress to help people facing foreclosure so they can stay in their homes while paying off their debt, including:

Allowing bankruptcy judges to restructure mortgage loans for primary residences, which would help the 11,550 Alabamians age 50+ who are in or near foreclosure.

AARP: Fighting for Alabamians

AARP serves its more than 516,000 members in Alabama through its work in championing access to affordable, quality health care, providing tools necessary to prepare and enjoy a secure retirement and by serving as an advocate for the needs of those age 50+ as they continue to work, serve as caregivers, volunteer, and participate in the political process. AARP and the AARP Foundation are also working to improve the lives of Alabamians through vital services including job training, driver and tax assistance programs.

Volunteers are an important community resource for AARP. People of all ages, from all walks of life, donate their time and effort to AARP's projects. For example, in 2008, 2,197 participants attended the 173 AARP Driver's Safety Courses and the state's 75 AARP CarFit volunteers helped make more than 200 vehicles more driver-friendly.

AARP Alabama utilizes an in-state network of 515,199 members and 12,843 volunteers who have expressed an interest in being involved in legislative activities. These volunteers utilize an existing communications network made up of phone trees and e-mail lists. AARP Alabama utilizes print and electronic media, both in-house and public/paid, to inform Alabamians age 50+ about our work to promote and secure federal legislation in their best interest. In 2008, AARP sponsored televised candidate forums in primary races for CD-02 and CD-05.

AARP continues to work for workers ages 50 and over who choose to remain in the workforce, wish to rejoin the workforce, and with employers to adopt policies and practices that appeal to these workers. AARP works with AIDT, the Business Council of Alabama, the Alabama Retail Association, the Office of Workforce Development, the Alabama Hospital Association, the state Society for Human Resource managers, NFIB, and other groups to accomplish shared advocacy objectives.

AARP Foundation: Serving Alabama

The AARP Foundation provides services that improve the lives of Alabamians of all generations.

AARP Tax-Aide is the nation's largest, free, volunteer-run tax preparation and assistance service available to low and moderate-income taxpayers. With 48 locations throughout Alabama, AARP-trained and IRS-certified volunteers helped 36,344 Alabamians, including those eligible to file for their economic stimulus checks, and filed 1,359 EITC returns, putting $1,695,984 in the pockets of those who need it most.

The AARP Foundation Consumer Fraud Prevention project engages peer volunteers in alerting older consumers to telemarketing and other types of fraud that endanger their financial security. Volunteers reach out to known and potential fraud victims to offer tips and information about telemarketing scams and other forms of fraud. Through this program, AARP helped 21,320 fraud victims or potential victims of fraud in Alabama during the first three quarters of 2008.

These and additional Foundation programs served more than 64,276 Alabamians in 2008.

AARP Contact Information

Alabama: Joan Carter, Alabama State Director;; 334-954-3057

Washington, DC:   Andrea Price- Carter, Senior Legislative Representative;; 202-434-3771


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