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Election Issues Surveys: View from the Early States

AARP Member Opinion Research

These surveys of AARP members who say they may vote in their states’ Democratic or Republican primary elections or attend either party’s caucuses explore how closely they are following coverage of the candidates and how likely they are to change their candidate preferences as they learn more about the issues.

Two domestic issues of importance to AARP members — financial security and health care — are explored in depth with questions about how well candidates address each issue and who can best break through special interest and partisan gridlock to make real progress in these areas.

Telephone surveys of a random sample of members drawn from AARP’s member database were conducted for AARP by Woelfel Research, Inc. These members were screened on being registered voters, the likelihood of caucus or primary participation, and the party caucus or primary in which they planned to participate. Approximately 500 members planning to participate in the Democratic caucuses or primaries and 500 planning to participate in the Republican caucuses or primaries were interviewed in each state. Further information about the surveys may be obtained by contacting Gretchen Straw at 202-434-6334 or Jeff Love at 202-434-6279.