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Sign saying this place accepts SNAP

Farm Bill Passage Protects Food Assistance for Older Americans

Congress rejects provisions to add work requirements for adults in their 50s to qualify for SNAP


Tell Congress: Stand up 
to Big PhRMA

Big PhRMA isn't giving up on their effort to raise your prescription drug costs by reopening the Medicare Part D donut hole — and so we need to keep up the pressure on Congress to say NO.


News & Analysis

Man looking at pills

PhRMA Pressuring Congress to Roll Back 'Donut Hole' Deal

AARP and older Americans oppose efforts to increase prescription drug costs for seniors

A sign supporting issue one in Maine

Voters Adopt Initiatives on Election Reform

Home care measure fails in Maine, but many other states have increased support for caregivers

Older woman votes in an election

Older Women a Major Factor in Democratic Takeover of House

Voters age 50-plus focused on Social Security and health care

People voting in the midterm election

Health Care Decided Many House Races in Midterms

Older Americans cast the majority of votes in contests across the country

Election 2018 Ballot Issues Montana

Medicaid Expansion Passes in 3 States

Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah approve growth, but Montana’s expanded coverage might end

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The United States Capitol Building at sunset

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Take this quiz and see how knowledgeable you are about the legislative branch

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