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Riding on Chicken Fat

Brothers brew up their own homemade biodiesel

Imagine you’re driving your 4x4 down a beautiful country road. You look down at the fuel gauge…it’s time to fill up. But instead of topping-off at your run-of-the-mill gas station, you pull your diesel alongside…a cow? Well, not exactly a cow…but pretty close to it.

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Meet the Jaeger brothers. Believe it or not, these hometown boys use the fat from beef, chicken and pork to brew up their own brand of biodiesel fuel. Not only is their fuel cheaper, better for your engine and more environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline…the smell will make your mouth water! Their company, Emergent Green Energy, concocts 2,000 gallons of the mix every month to fuel America’s rapidly expanding bio-diesel business. Experts predict that within the next few years the U.S. will produce a billion gallons of biodiesel and half of that will come from animal fat.

My Generation  traveled to Minneola, Kansas to take stock of this innovative green movement.

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