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Voices for Change

Meet members of AARP's Divided We Fail campaign, a platform that advocates long-term financial security and affordable, quality health care.

Americans should have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their futures will be financially secure. Yet, millions of Americans worry about their health and long-term financial security.

For many, the American dream is eroding along with this security. We can't let this happen.

Divided We Fail Voters

Here are just a few of the many voices speaking out and sharing their stories as part of the Divided We Fail campaign.

Joanne Prince, a retired nurse from Roslindale, always understood the importance of health care. "I always thought about preventative health—watching what we eat, exercising," she said. "We all want to be independent for as long as we can."

Prince also sees the flip side of that longevity. "I see people living longer and healthier lives, only to outlive their money when they go into assisted living [facilities]."

Mary Matook of Brockton is proud of her home, and works to take care of it as much as she can. She worries about the future and being able to afford to stay where she is.

"I would like to live in my home for as long as I can and not be out there in a nursing home," Matook said.

Florence Jones of Stoughton believes that financial security is the most important issue facing potential retirees. Growing up, Jones saw her mother living on $18 a week.

"As I got older and started working real hard, I tried to save a little bit for that rainy day," said Jones.

That day came when her company, Polaroid Corporation, declared bankruptcy and ended retiree benefits. Jones lost her health and life insurance, and had to use her savings to help pay for her health insurance and medication.

The Challenge

AARP knows that we must act and we must act now. If we don't, the next generation will be the first in American history to be less well off than their parents.

AARP is stepping up to this challenge with the Divided We Fail campaign so that Americans can achieve long-term financial security and get the health care they need.

We intend to rally individuals, policymakers, and business leaders to this cause, whether it be:

  • strengthening Social Security
  • making affordable, quality health care available for all
  • making prescription drugs more affordable for all
  • creating incentives to save for retirement
  • expanding job opportunities so people can keep working and contributing to society as they get older

We believe all Americans should have access to affordable, quality health care and peace of mind about their future long-term financial security, and we're going to mobilize our members and the public to demand solutions.

Take action. Demand change.

Review the platform. Take the pledge. Share your thoughts. Learn more.